Windscreen Recalibration

With the advancement of technology, we’re seeing more vehicles built with driver assist systems, which range from simple systems like rear view cameras to more complex ones like Lane Departure Warnings (LDWs) that detect the surroundings.

Other more advanced systems can actually control a car, such as Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB). These advanced features are called Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, or ADAS.

How Its Done

AWG Windscreens has invested heavily in state of the art ADAS calibration tooling and training. To ensure that vehicles are recalibrated just as they are in the factory. This can be done at our depos or at your location as long as there is level ground.

How It Works

Sensors and cameras work together to make driver assistance systems function as intended. During a windscreen replacement, some of these cameras will need to be correctly reinstalled and calibrated. As driver assistance features may not function properly if this isn’t done to an appropriate standard. This could lead to an accident if not done correctly.

To ensure a vehicle’s driver-assist technology works correctly when it’s back on the road, we strongly recommend getting a recalibration after a replacement windscreen.

Calibration Appointment

After a windscreen replacement, you may need to recalibrate any driver assist technology installed on your car. But don’t worry, we’ll inform you when you book with us. Our trained technicians will then do the calibration during your appointment.

We are the windscreen calibration experts, with the expertise and tools needed to complete any calibration to the manufacturer’s specifications.